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Meeting Agenda 12-15-2011

Page history last edited by Jean Darsie 8 years, 9 months ago

Ballard Community Taskforce

on Homelessness and Hunger

A community collaborative effort


NEXT MEETING: December 15th, 6:30PM

Swedish Hospital Ballard, Conference Room A



1.    Introductions and round table update from attendees on their work with the homeless and hungry community of Ballard (45 min)


2.    Updates on action items: (30 min)

  • Update from Rob on meeting and progress toward relocating the Ballard Sani-Can
    Five years ago interest in hygiene facilities resulted in one portable toilet being placed on Market St. (near MoneyTree) -- businesses nearby want it relocated.
  • Update from Jean on discussion with Sahar on coordinated management of the
    Scofflaw Mitigation process.
  • Updates from Bill and Jean on Scofflaw Mitigation screening.
    This is a good first working group for the BCTHH to get going. It should involve the city, the courts, and possibly the case manager hired to manage the Safe Parking project.  Bill is willing to convene this Working Group.
  • Update from  Graham and Mike Estey on Resource Flyer and Zoning Map
  • Update from Orna and  Graham on meeting format
    Discussion and vote by the Taskforce on recommended format.
  • Update from Graham and Orna on Mission Statement based on discussions at the November meeting.
  • Update from Lauren on resource list.
    Graham *will send *Lauren* the review list, she will review and provide feedback back to Sally & Graham
  • Update from Jean on the website and listserv
    Add Steve’s Ballard resource info on the website (and Sally’s complete flyer).


3. Discussion of December outreach activities (10 min)


4. New business


5. Review and confirmation of actions items from this meeting (5 min)


6. Closing, schedule for next meeting

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