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How can I help

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Besides your participation in the Ballard Taskforce on Homelessness and Hunger, there are a variety of ways you can help your homeless neighbors. 



DESC is soliciting donations of large and extra large coats especially. They find providing people with items

  like warm clothing is helpful in establishing trust with people who might otherwise be resistant to accepting

  help. Contact: DESC HOST Lauren Ross at 206-464-1570 for how to contribute.

- Donate to the Ballard Food Bank

- Contribute to the Bridge Care Center clothing bank.    Also see: Bridge Care Center on Facebook 



- Join the Ballard Knitters 

- Join Heroes for the Homeless 

  Once or twice a month, volunteers join together to prepare and distribute food items and supplies to

  people living in their vehicles or on the streets. There is regular outreach to homeless people living in




- Join the Safe Parking Ballard Community Network and help with community outreach and education 

  This project is just getting started. Check back soon to find out how to get involved.

- Contact you legislator and ask them to protect revenue to fight homelessness.



1) You can create your own project on:  www.earthbongo.com

2) Or contact BCTHH at bcthh.info@yahoo.com and we will put up a page on this site just for your project!

(Be sure to include a way to contact you so we can let you know when your page is ready.)


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