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Meeting Agenda 3-22-2012

Page history last edited by Jean Darsie 8 years, 6 months ago

Ballard Community Taskforce

on Homelessness and Hunger

A community collaborative effort


March 22, 2012,  6:30PM

Swedish Hospital Ballard, Cafeteria Conference Room



1.   Introductions (Name and affiliation)
2.   Round table updates
3.   Briefly describe your work with homeless community members in the past month?

      Where are the gaps in services?  Your suggestions for how the taskforce can work

      to fill these gaps?

4.   Updates
5.   Revised Resource Guide Presentation  (Mike & Graham)
6.   Briefing on launch of ORLC Safe Parking Pilot (Pastor Grumm)
7.   Briefing on the “Safe Parking Outreach Coordinator” grant (Cydney)

8.   Update on Ballard “Port-A-Potty” placement (Rob)

9.   Inviting new members (Orna)

10. Next projects (Orna, Graham or Jean)
11. Sunny Williams’ letter and the issues it raises (all)
12. Discussion of  April outreach activities (all)
13. Review and confirmation of actions items from this meeting

14. Closing and schedule for next meeting


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