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Remembering those who have died homeless

Page history last edited by Jean Darsie 6 years, 11 months ago

Homeless Remembrance Project LEAVES OF REMEMBRANCE DEDICATION - Sunday, October 13, 2013


25 bronze leaves were placed on the edges of Ballard Commons Park to remind us of those who have died homeless outside or from violence in our community. They are placed scattered as if fallen from a tree. They remind us of the sorrows and struggles of people living without a home.


Those who pass by are called by these names to remembrance, to compassion, and to action.


25 leaves awaiting placement (picture)

Leaves as they will appear after placement


Names of the fallen:

Byron Barnes
Bradley Fernandez
Michael “Mikey” Hall
Don Farquharson
Kenneth Gilfeather
Philip Keene
Dora Dundas
Charles Tompkins
Ken Trygg
Thomas Mumby
Anna Moore
Mark Jacobsen
Daniel Nelson
Matthew Korpinen
Stanley Sorenson
Paul Walling
Bobbie Joe Boling
Michael Gerrans
Pete Reed
Douglas McCormick
Carl Edwin Day
Carlos Holguin
Alexander Pichahchy
Dale Scenally
Marlowe Sparks


Learn more about those who have died at: www.fallenleaves.org


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